Efficiently Integrate Rewards into Your Existing System

The RaaS API is a powerful digital gift card API designed to seamlessly incorporate rewards and incentives into your application or platform.
Gift Card API

Drive Engagement, Participation & Results in your Application!

Hassle-free Integration

Plug and
Play Solution

Secure Authentication

300+ Redemption Options

Flexible &
Global Catalogue

Amplify the ROI on your Loyalty Program

Rewards as a Service (RaaS)


Incentive Automation

Refer & Earn Rewards

Drive more referrals through instant gratification and extensive rewards. Boosts brand advocacy and growth.

Channel Incentives

Empower channel partners with instant rewards via RAAS to amplify sales, achieve targets, foster partner engagement.

Customer Loyalty

Create a loyalty program, offering exclusive rewards and personalized experiences to cultivate lasting customer relationships.

Panel Incentivization

Motivate survey participation with real time rewards. Increase engagement, data quality, and overall survey success.

Seamless API Integration

Unlock the power of gifting with Benepik‘s Gift Card API! Elevate your customer experience, seamlessly integrate, and create memorable moments. Effortless, secure, and fully customizable.

  • Comprehensive API documentation and adherence to the latest coding standards.
  • Selective filtration from a vast catalogue.
  • Flexible RESTful APIs that enable iterative development & feature roll-outs.
  • Our APIs support web hooks for efficient end to end user control and authenticity.
  • Our APIs are designed to maximize efficiency, ensuring optimal performance during peak usage.
  • End to end user control for security and authenticity.
gift card api