Build People First Approach with
Our Stellar Features!

Seamless Integration
Real-time data sync
Automated processes
Plug & Play Solution
Easy setup
Global Catalogue
Analytics & reporting
Visa integration
Secure platform
Comprehensive rewards
WhatsApp Integration
Ease of access
High adoptability
Alerts & notifications
Other apps not required
Data Privacy
Data encryption
Access controls
Secure storage
Compliance with regulations
Real-Time Analytics
Budget tracking
Performance trend analysis
Customizable live reports
Immediate feedback

Global Catalogue

  • Customizable
  • Global Reward Platform
  • Comprehensive Rewards
  • Visa Integration for global pay-outs
  • Secure platform with data encryption & protection
  • Multiple redemption options for employees & partners

WhatsApp Integration

  • High Adoptability
  • Alerts & notifications
  • No requirement of another App
  • Ease of access & redemption

Data Privacy & Security

  • Secure Storage: Secured database
  • Access Controls: Hierarchical access control for zero pilferage
  • Data Encryption: Industry-standard encryption protocols to protect sensitive employee information.
  • Compliance with Regulations: Compliance with all relevant data privacy and security regulations.

Real-Time Analytics

  • Monitor partner performance in real-time to quickly identify issues and opportunities.
  • Use the insights to make data-driven decisions and take action to optimize your channel program.
  • Collect data from your channel partners to gain insights into their performance, behavior, and needs.
  • Analyze the data to identify trends, opportunities, and areas for improvement in your channel program.
  • Track and measure key performance metrics such as sales revenue, partner engagement, and customer satisfaction to monitor progress and success.

Guaranteed Success with Implementation Support

  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager: Collaborate closely with our CSM to align program goals, ensuring every step drives success.
  • Remarkable Customer Support: Unmatched assistance to end users for any redemption related queries.
  • Proactive Guidance: Active identification of potential roadblocks and opportunities.
  • Expert Training: Give your team comprehensive and tailored training from our tech experts.

Quick & Easy Integration

  • Integrate our Rewards Tool with your existing system conveniently.
  • Elevate the program's effectiveness, align it better with objectives, and save time in the process.
  • Secure API Integration with hassle free data and information flow.
  • From HRMS and communication platforms to surveys and CRMs, we've got all aspects covered.