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How do we help you?

Rewards & Recognition

Build a People-First Culture!
With our automated rewards & recognition platform, increase your employees & channel partners engagement resulting in business growth.

Channel Loyalty

Transform your Channel Loyalty Program with us! Automate incentivization, manage campaign and send updates to your Channel Partners through a single platform. Give a boost to your business growth!

Corporate Gifting

Take the guesswork out of corporate gifting. Choose from options that include Gift Cards, Gift Packs, Electronics, Luxury Experiences and over 300+ options. Send gift choices to your people and let them pick their favorite.

Rewards & Recognition

A unified platform for rewarding and recognizing employees through an automated system. Trusted by over 500 CHROs across all industry verticals. Make peer to peer recognition and performance based rewarding a part of your organization’s culture to get business growth.

  • Instant Rewards.
  • Real-time Analytics.
  • Over 300 Rewarding Options
  • Digital Certificates & Badges
  • Managerial & Hierarchical Reward Program

Channel Partner Loyalty

Build a thriving channel partner ecosystem with a well-defined program structures and performance metrics. Give your Channel Partners a platform to connect and grow without any hassle.

  • Manage Campaigns & Publish Schemes Effortlessly.
  • Incentive Automation & KYC Verification
  • WhatsApp Integration along with Web & App Based Platform
  • Seamless Partner Onboarding.
  • Performance Tracking through Leader Boards & Real-Time Insights.

Corporate Gifting

Revolutionize corporate gifting with #PowerofChoice. Combine flexibility and automation to make the gifting process easier for your employees, clients, and partners.

  • Choose from a variety of options, including fine dining, gaming, entertainment, and shopping, all on a single card.
  • Budget management & Real-time tracking.
  • Get instant delivery & personalization with a single click.
  • Zero Pilferage & secure Transactions.
  • Global Capabilities & Catalogue.

Boost Channel Partner & Influencer Loyalty with WhatsApp!

Discover how to boost customer loyalty with WhatsApp by leveraging real-time communication and personalized experiences.

Engage with your Stakeholders Efficiently

Gift Card API

Enhance Loyalty

Plug & Play Solution

Hassle-Free Integration

Secure Authentication

300+ Redemption Options

Flexible & Global Catalogue

Campaign Management

Maximize Reach

Publish Targeted Information to Channel Partners

Monitor and Measure Success

Set Personalized Timely Alerts

Send Product Catalogue and Learning Resources

Precise Targeting


Gain Insights

Pre-Set Survey Templates

Multiple Question Formats

Omnichannel Distribution (WhatsApp, SMS, Email)

Auto Reminders

Organizational Insights

Let Numbers Do The Talking!

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Merchant Partners

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Why Choose Benepik?

Seamless Integration
Data-Driven Insights
Global Catalogue
People Centric Approach
One-Click Digital Platform
Personalized Rewards & Gifting

Our Clients


This is How Benepik is Helping Brands!

Adoption Rate
95% increase in loyalty program adaptability
NPS Score
98% increase in NPS Score
30% increase in overall revenue
Employee Retention Rate
72% decrease in employee turnover
Redemption Rate
65% increase in gift card & points redemption
Engagement Rate
25% increase in employee & channel partner engagement rate

Why Do You Need a Loyalty & Engagement Tool?

Channel Loyalty
A channel loyalty tool can help businesses build stronger relationships with their partners, resulting in increased loyalty and sales.
Employee Engagement
An employee engagement tool increases employee satisfaction and productivity, resulting in a more committed workforce. Engaged employees give a better impression of your business than the demotivated ones.
Customer Experience
An employee engagement, channel loyalty, rewards & recognition tool can help businesses offer their customers a more personalized and enjoyable experience.
Insights and Data
Gain valuable insights into your employees and partners' behaviors, preferences, and needs, and tailor your strategies and offerings to drive success with an employee engagement and channel loyalty tool. Create impact with insightful data.
Increased Revenue
Achieve greater revenue and profitability for your business by enhancing employee engagement and channel loyalty with a dedicated tool.
Competitive Advantage
Set your business apart from the competition by providing a rewarding experience to your workforce through an employee engagement and channel loyalty tool, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Increase your ROI

Boost productivity, reduce turnover, and increase profits with a happy, engaged workforce. Make it a win-win for everyone !

A report by the Harvard Business Review found that companies with engaged employees outperform those without by 22% in terms of profitability.

Client Testimonials

“Benepik offered an exceptional experience through their engagement app, they went out of their way to deliver beyond our expectations. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending the Benepik Team, not only for what they offer in the development stage, but for their delivery and their past lending services’’
Kavita Agrawal
Head of Growth, RKSV.
“We were looking for a solution in line with our workforce demographics. We chose Benepik due to their approach of delivering a solution in line with our priorities and demographics. Everyday I hear positive feedback on this from all our stakeholders. We recommend Benepik to companies looking to create an encouraging & positive workspace.”
Pankaj Sharma
Anand Group.
“We needed a platform for engage and reach out to all people Benepik implemented a phase solution in line with our challenges and organisational and priorities. The best part is that the solution is 100% tailored our unique requirements. I am happy with the results as over 90% of our people using the platform".
Leading BFSI Company

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