The New Age Employee Recognition

Benepik revolutionizes your Company Culture with the Power of Recognition.

Employee Recognition- Make it Happen!

Benepik is taking a new approach to drive positive workplace behavior and build a culture employees love.

Traditional yearly performance reviews don’t cut it for today’s millennial workforce.

Millennials are used to constant feedback and affirmation. Create an environment where meaningful rewards and recognition bring people together and drive even better performance.

Reaffirm company values.

You can link recognition directly with your company values and objectives. This way you can reinforce the desired behaviors for superior performance.

Celebrate Success Each Day.

Let your people recognize each other and celebrate success every day.

Benepik is the most effective way to appreciate employees, connect teams and make engagement happen. It’s one-click recognition, social features, and a gamified points system will help you drive engagement like never before.

Unbeatable Rewards

Allow employees to redeem their Points
at their favorite online and in-store merchants.
Fully integrated and automated rewards redemption.