Great Perks for
Your People

Unbeatable Employee Discounts

Make preferred pricing available to your employees on hundreds of products and services nationwide. From preferred pricing on gym membership, grocery shopping, restaurant bills to daycare centers, many perks recur regularly.

Enhance Your Employer Brand

Everything in your employee discounts programme will be employer branded, including portal for employee discount and mobile app for in-store discount. Your employees will recognize that the benefit is coming directly from you.

Our Model is Unique and Simple

" We charge 0% commission from merchants and pass on 100% discount on to your employees. "

  • 100% employer funded
  • 0% Commission from merchants
  • 100% closed group

Maximize Employee Savings

Benepik has the largest and unbeatable choice of employee discounts at high-street, restaurants, fitness centers, day care centres, hospital and many more places. Your employees will save money at almost any place where they go. Our service is unique; there are no minimum amounts, no hassles of waiting for the cash-back and no restrictions on when your employees can shop.

The meaningful discounts

Our discounts are not limited to online shopping. Our discounts include Grocery stores, Baby Care Centers, Healthcare facilities, Fitness Centers, Restaurants and many more across 20 cities in India.

Transparent Business Model

Our employee discounts model is unique because we are 100% employer funded and take no commissions from merchants. As a result we are the most generous employee discounts provider in India with the biggest choice of retailers.

Enormous Perks

Employees gain access to 1500+ pre-negotiated perks that have no limits on redemption frequency, don't expire, and are redeemable immediately. From preferred pricing on gym memberships to childcare services, many perks recur monthly and are available nationwide.

Perks to support your people strategy

So you want to encourage new mothers to come back to work, we have got amazing deals with baby care centers and playschools in your vicinity. You want to encourage a wellness culture; we have got tie-ups with gymnasiums, Zumba classes to yoga centers.
You have large number of generation Y workforce, so we have got amazing tie-ups with leading restaurants, entertainment zones, fashion outlets and online stores.
Employees not taking time-offs, we have offers with holiday companies too.

For Merchants

Benepik is a unique channel for merchants looking to access a closed network of high-purchasing-power employees located across India.

We’re always looking to add genuine and exclusive deals for our users

We work directly with pretty much every major retailer in India – Online and Offline. Employers pay the running costs of the Benepik service. They integrate it with their reward strategy and we link up with their HR systems to handle joiners and leavers. This keeps the service genuinely closed to just employees who work for our clients.